Everyone gets into a circle.

Someone is chosen to be the Holy Dido

The Holy Dido gives everyone a couple seconds to get comfortable and then says "Freeze"

If a player sees someone move, they raise their hand.

The Holy Dido will ask players what they want and the person will say, "Holy Dido may I stand?" The Holy answers back with yes or no or something like "Yes, but you must spin in circles" or "first you must go hug a tree," etc..."

The person will then ask "Holy Dido, may I speak?" The Holy Dido will again say yes or no or tell them to speak in a silly voice.

The person will then say "I saw so and so move"

The Holy Dido will ask this person if they moved and then decide to put them in jail.

Once three or four people are in jail they must each do something silly like go propose to a counselor.

The Holy Dido can also do things like "I'm going to turn around and everyone must be in a different spot by the time i count to 10" or "You must be in two parallel lines by the time I count to 15" ect.


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Submitted by: Zoe Findly

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