To staff memebers walk forward. Staff 1 says to staff 2 'do you want to play a game?"

staff 2 'sure' etc.

staff 1 has staff 2 sit in a the chair and tell them that the game is called honey bee and that staff 2 is a flower and staff 1 is a honeybee. #1 proceeds to have 2 pick a flower and make a sound that that flower might make (the sillier the better!) and that #1 is going to run around buzzing and needs the campers to help buzz and when 2 is ready they will jump up and say 'give me some honey!'

1 buzzes around and behind 2 takes a sip of water and when 2 says give me some honey they spit the water on them.

1 convinces 2 to do it one more time and the same thing happens.

then 2 asks 1 to play a game and names 1 pond scum while they buzz around. 2 buzzes around takes a sip of water and stands in front of 1 waiting for them to say give me some honey. while they do this 1 turns around and takes a sip of water.

staff 2 finally gives up swallows the water and says "you're suppose to say give me some honey!' then staff 1 spits on 2!

this usually gets some pretty big laughs. and is best if you add more improv into it with all the funny sounds and having them practice saying give me some honey really loud.


cup of water or a water bottle and chair


good for entertaining campers while waiting for an activity to begin.
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Audra Flanagan

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