Game where you can be eliminated by laughing or motioning improperly.

Everyone stands in a circle. You may not laugh. You must motion properly. The motion is having your hands flattened together and pointing either up above your head, or to another person, depending on what part of the game you are in.

One person begins by motioning up above his/her head and saying "huh." The two people on either side of him must then simultaneously motion to this person and say "huh." This person then must then motion to someone else in the circle and say "huh."

This begins the process over, and the new person must motion upward and say "huh" as the two on either side of him motion toward him and say "huh", and so on.

You are out if you laugh, or if you don't say "huh" or do not motion fast enough.

When two people are left, they must take turns pointing upward and at each other and must get faster and faster until one messes up. The last one standing is the winner.
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