This game works best with more people. You get in a circle and declare a "Huh master" (usually a counselor).

Everyone puts there hands above their head as if they are clapping.

Everyone then bends at the waist and makes a samurai sound. The "Huh master" then puts his/her hands up and then points to a player across from them in the circle and says "HUH!" (Hense "huh game")

The player who was chosen then puts his/her hands directly up, while the players on his/her left and right "strike" he/she as if they were striking a gong. Then the person who was struck picks another person across the circle and continues the pattern.

The object is to keep the pattern going without getting out. A player may get out by messing up the pattern by getting off beat, or being unclear who has been chosen.
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Submitted by: Katie Eilermann

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