Rules: Split up into teams of 5. Have each team member stands about 2 feet apart from one another. At the ends of each line, place a bucket; one filled with water and the other empty, then give each team captain a large sponge. Tell each team that they are now one body, and on a body, there are 2 hands, 2 feet, and 1 head, therefore, only 2 players can use their hands, 2 players can only use their feet, and 1 player can only use his/her head. Teams must pass the sponge down the line without moving from their designated spot, and each player must have a turn. They can pick who has what job and in what order the jobs go (ex: hands, feet, feet, hands, head OR head, hands, feet, hands, feetÖ etc.) Give the teams 2 minutes to discuss and decide and then begin. Race for about 7-8 min, or until the water runs outs, then measure to see who has more water; the most water wins. Debrief afterwards, see what worked and what didnít, then repeat the process to see if teams can improve their method.
End result: Team building, strategy, and everyone gets wet!
Variations: You can add on body parts such as 1 back, 1 stomach, 2 knees, 2 elbows, etc...


Supplies needed: 2 buckets per team, 1 large sponge per team


For Campers: To get as much water in the bucket as possible For the Leader: Team building and strategy development
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Submitted by: Nola O'Donnell

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