Have the group make a large circle. (This game also works well as a race between several circles in larger groups.)

Have everyone put their left hand in the middle, and hold hands with someone in the circle, not directly next to them. Repeat with the right hand, and be sure to hold hands with a different person, who is not directly next to them. You can use 1-foot “buddy ropes” to reduce arm twisting if you like.

Then the group must use teamwork to unravel themselves into a circle again without coming disconnected.

Helpful Hint

To ensure that everyone is in the same circle, send a “pulse.” One person begins by gently squeezing their right hand. The person who is squeezed gently squeezes their opposite hand, which passes the pulse to the next person. Continue until the first person has their second hand squeezed.


Optional: Buddy ropes(lengths of rope about a foot long)


Use team building to untangle the human knot!
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Submitted by: Katie Boehnke

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