Create a list of 15-30 statements to distribute to your group.

Give the the group a period of time to find people who meet different the criteria of different statements on the list.

When participants find someone who meets the criteria, they ask that person to sign their list.

At the end of the activity, read off the various statements and ask anyone who meets the criteria to stand up.

A sample list is:

Has a blue toothbrush
Is an only child
Hates chocolate
Hasn't got all their second teeth
Is having a very happy unbirthday today
Can stand on her head and count to ten,
Knows his ABC backwards
Has two brothers
Has green eyes
Had a shower yesterday, etc.


Paper with statements printed in easy to read type, pens


To get people to get to know strangers in a competitive yet fun environment
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Submitted by: Shulz Kaye

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