You need a stick to tap the ground or even just a pencil to tap your hand - doesn't really matter.

The person in the know will say clear their throat and then say the following while tapping the item "I can tap this (pencil, stick, etc) just right"

They then pass the object to the next person to try to perform correctly. The trick is the clearing of the throat first - it does not matter how they tap the object.

It is a fun game because people will be watching the positioning of your fingers on the stick or how hard to tap it etc and it takes a while for them to catch on to the clearing of your throat.

Game continued until everyone is in on the secret. When down to just a few people that just aren't getting it, make the "ahem" louder and more obvious.


An item to tap ie stick, pencil


keep repeating the pattern until everyone catches on to the trick


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Submitted by: Debra Dube

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