At least one person knows the "answer" and starts off with "I'm going to Grandpa's house and I'm bringing..." The first letter of whatever you're bringing must be a G.

From then on, the first letter of every word must go in the order of GRANDPA. For example, Grapefruit, Rainbows, Alligators, Nothing, Diamonds, Pencils, Apricots.

After Grandpa is spelled, it repeats until everyone knows the "answer." If someone gets it wrong, you still have to keep spelling GRANDPA the correct way. For example, the leader says "Grapefruit" and the next person says "Books" the next person who knows the answer would have to say something that begins with an R. It gets tricky when you have to keep count of what letter you're on.


Knowing how to spell Grandpa.


To spell Grandpa with the first letter of every word.
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Submitted by: Ali Klofta

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