I ran around the corner and I ran around the block.
And I ran right in to a bakery shop.
And I picked up a donut, and I wiped off the grease.
And I handed the lady a 5 cent piece.
Well she looked at the nickel and she looked at me
And she said "Hey, missy, can't you plainly see.
There's a hole in the nickel, there's a hole right through."
I said, "Hey, there's a hole in the donut too!"

Shave and a haircut, shampoo!
Hit by an auto Bellview.
When did it happen last night?
How are you feelin' alright?
Clothes on the wash line dry up.
You said a mouthful SHUSH UP!!!


Good and fast learning singers.


To have fun.
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Submitted by: Kayla Skinner

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