(Start clapping while singing)
If I were not a camper something else I`d like to be,
If I were not a camper a(an)...

-Archer I would be!
Shoot the bow, the might might bow! Ping! (Repeat from before ping)
(Making archer actions with arms)

-Teacher I would be!
Don`t do this, don`t do that, don`t forget to do your math!(Repeat)

-Firefighter I would be!
Jump lady, jump lady, woahh SPLAT! (Repeat)
(making actions to catch someone in your arms up high then clap your hands for splat)

-Farmer I would be!
Come on Betsie give, my baby`s gotta live!(Grunt noise here)(Repeat line above)
(pretending to milk a cow throughout)

-Jedi I would be!
Swing my saber, and fight Darth Vader! (Repeat)

-Superman I would be!
A bird! A plane! Where`s Lois Lane? (Repeat)

-Counsellor I would be!
Do this! Do that! While I go take a nap... (Repeat)

After each verse you are to say all the one that were before it, so they all accumulate as you go along. This is a great song to sing throughout the week with campers and it is great to come up with your own verses too!
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Submitted by: Jon Kropf

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