Give a situation to your group. They are on an Island that has just had a grave calamity, not many people have survived but they need your help. However, only 3 of you (3 people in the group) are permitted to remain, the others will have to be thrown off the Island into the sea.

Each one has a different profession. Ex: Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Babysitter etc. (Some are better jobs and others are looked down upon as less wanted jobs in life).

Each person is given a chance to defend themselves why they think they should be part of the 3 to survive.
After this is done, you ask everyone to take a vote and see who they think should be thrown off the Island and why they think they are not deserving of life.

After this vote is taken, now ask one of the people to defend the life of a citizen which they had originally believed deserves to die. They should now make as if they have that profession instead of their present one.

Helps the kids realize how other people feel.


Paper and Pen - to write out jobs


Put yourself in someone else's situation and see how they feel
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Submitted by: Bayla L.

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