Things Needed:
Hat with every letter of the alphabet (optional) or
Sheet of paper listing the letters

This game is for 2-3 sets of teams of 5. Select 1-2 persons who is the timekeeper and/or ask each team the following question. "Name 5 things that start with the letter N". The next team will have a different letter and so on. Every member of the team must answer 1 thing totaling 5 answers. You have 5 seconds to name 5 things. The team who is able to name 5 things gets a point. The first team that reach 10 points win.

The game is more fun if you have each team name as many things in the 5 seconds.


Rules: No proper names, places can be used only things


The first team that reach 10 points win or most points after the alphabet is completed.
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Submitted by: Stacey Kargbo

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