This activity is similar to "Iron Chef America" but instead of a set amount of edible ingredients, campers receive a set amount of natural "ingredients" (i.e. 10 sticks, 4 rocks, 9 leaves and two pine cones).

The object of this activity is to give each camper identical amounts of natural supplies and let their imaginations go to work. Inform campers that they can make monsters, animals, sculptures, or really anything of their hearts desire.

Allow them ample time to complete the activity. Once all campers are finished, have them go around in a circle explaining the scuplture/monster/animal/etc. they've created!


Natural supplies (rocks, pine cones, leaves, sticks, basically anything found outside) Glue


To allow campers to express their creativity by creating scupltures of whatever they chose with the set amount of "ingredients" given!
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Submitted by: Katie Feldman

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