This is a very funny skit. Have 3 people, (little Bob, middle Bob, and big Bob) sit near each other, with their right leg propped up on their left leg. This is the key. It's better to use an accent of some language, or cowboy accent to make it effective.


1. Start out with setup above, better if the 3 "Bobs" are sitting on one bench facing audience with right leg propped up on left leg.

2. Wait about 5 seconds, make the impression of waiting.

3. Have Little Bob ask Middle Bob, "Middle Bob? Is it tiiiime yet?(lengthen the word "time" to create emphasis)?"

Middle Bob says "I dunno. (to Big Bob) Big Bob? Is it tiiiime yet?"

Big Bob checks his watch (or if you don't have a watch, pretend to look at it) and says "Nope. Not time yet."

4. Repeat the above step again, after waiting about 5-10 seconds, or so.

5. Repeat step 3 again, but this time Big Bob says "Yes, it's time." At this point all three Bob's switch their legs around so that their left leg is propped up on the right leg.

6. At this point the audience should laugh hysterically (hopefully).


3 people skit, watch (better if there is one)
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Submitted by: Theodore Kerr

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