(This story is meant for 11 years old to 15 years old.You are supposed to tell his once one adult leaves to use the "restroom", kids are in their sleeping bags and the adult who went away is hiding and waiting The other adult tells the story starting like this-)
Here at this camp was a little boy. His name was Jake. He was quiet and somewhat antisocial.(Explain what that means)He started coming here when he was about your age. TO other kids he was weird. To the counselors he was depressed. He always wore black and didn't talk much. He kept coming here until he got too old. When he got to old he got a job here. Once the kids started complaining they fired him. The kids complained that he was scary. Once in a while a kid even disappeared from his group. When he got fired he bought piece of land right off the camp boundaries. (point off in some direction) He bulit a little house and dug tunnels all over the camp tunneling up to gab kids and take them back to his house. Kids started disappearing more and more. Right were we are sitting is where kids disappeared from the most. (Have the adult hiding pull hard on a kids sleeping bag make sure the kid is ok with it before hand making sure that they wont tell anyone look at them disappearing and sigh)We had all the tunnels closed off for a while.I guess Jake is back. When the disappeared kids got to Jake's house he would kill them (you can go into detail here if the kids are old enough) Then during the night he he would hang their bodies where he snatched them from. (You can freestyle here or just end the story. Have the kid and other adult hang back for a while then come back)


2 adults, kids in their sleeping bags, and woods surrounding a campsite.


Just to scare kids a bit
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Submitted by: Alexandera Kinsler

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