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Jaws Call and Response
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Jaws Call and Response

Jaws Call and Response


There was a story doo-doo-too-dooro-too-doo
'bout Jaws (keep on doing doo-doo after each line)
There was Papa Jaws (Doo)(Done in a manly voice)
Mama Jaws (doo)(Done in a sweet lady's voice)
A Grandpa Jaws (doo) (done in an "old" voice sound)
And a baby Jaws (Done in a high-pitched baby voice)
There was a surfer dude (doo)
Who swam out (doo)
OH NO!!! (doo)
THERE'S JAWS!!! (doo)
NOW WHAT?! (doo)
THere was a muscle lady (doo)
Who said I'll save you (doo)
For fifty bucks (doo)
OH NO!!! (doo)
NO CASH!!! (doo)
NOW WHAT?! (doo)
I take credit cards (doo)
OH NO!!! (doo)
NO WALLET!!! (doo)
Oh Well (doo)
That was the end (doo)

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You need a leader, who says everything first (the call), and a large group who will rerspond (the repeat)


To have as much as much as fun as possible! You can also add in your own hand movements!

Submitted by: Marissa Martin

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