Every player chooses the name of an animal they would like to represent. One player is chosen to become JUDGE NATURE. Animals follow the instructions given by Judge Nature. If animals should happen to die during the game, they go to a designated area called "SOIL". There, they may be given a task by Judge Nature, such as 'hop on one leg for one minute', or 'do a somersault'. Judge Nature calls out one of the following instructions
(Feel free to add to this list!):
1. "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" -players run around a designated tree and touch Judge Nature. The first four players back remain alive -the others die.
2. "DROUGHT" -Players run to an area designated as the water hole (perhaps around a different tree) and touch Judge Nature. The first three back live and the others die.
3. "HUNTER COMING" "ATTENTION ALL GAME ANIMALS" -Those players have five to ten seconds to run and hide from the sight of Judge Nature. If they are seen, they are dead.
4. "ILLEGAL HUNTER" -This hunter shoots every animal he sees, so all animals run and hide. If any are seen, they die.
5. "FAMINE" -Among the remaining players, there must be some sort of animal that each player can feed from (in the natural environment). If there is none, that animal dies.
6. "WINTER" -All hibernating animals live, while the others die. With younger players, it might be necessary to help them in the choosing of their animal, and to review some of the habits of the animals in the game, so that all understand each of the instructions, and their reaction to each instruction.
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