Set up a playing area outside and create a boundary with the cones.

Take two (2) Flag-Tag Football flags separate they will be for the Taggers.

Put the Base in the middle of the playing area. Pick two (2) taggers (preferably a boy and a girl) and have them each wear a flag tag.

The Taggers can take four (4) steps with the ball to try to throw and get the other players out.

Like Tag, once you are hit with the ball, you are out and you take a seat where you were hit.

When you're out, and only when you're out, you can try to get the taggers out by pulling off their flag tag if they run by.

Once a tagger has both flags off they are out.

Game's over when both taggers lose their flags.

Other Rules:
The Base is a "safe haven" base that you can step on and not be tagged out if you get hit by the ball BUT
1. You can only stand on the base for three (3) seconds
2. There can NOT be more than three (3) people on the base at any given time.
3. You can NOT go to the base two consecutive times.

You also can NOT run Out-Of-Bounds (outside the boundaries) to avoid the ball or have your tag pulled off. If you do you're out.


Large Space, Large Group, Flag Tag Flags, 2 Balls, Boundary Markers (cones), 1 Base and 2 Taggers


It is a variant of Tag and All 4 One where you have two people who are "it" trying to get the others out by throwing a ball at them.
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Submitted by: Lindsay Graham

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