one person (IT) hides their eyes and counts to 20 while everyone else hides. After counting, IT stacks one can on top of the other. Then IT can either touch people or just call their name if he sees them. When you're touched or if your name is called, you go to jail. If anyone manages to kick the cans without being touched or having his/her name called, everyone in jail goes free. "It" restacks the cans and the minute they're stacked, IT can begin catching people again (so if you kicked the cans, get away fast). If the cans are kicked 3 times, IT loses, but if IT catches everyone and gets them in jail, IT wins. If IT calls someone the wrong name, that person gets a free kick. Disguising yourself is allowed. It's a great game for learning people's names. The person who kicks the 3rd kick gets to be IT or gets to choose who's IT the next game. If there is trouble with IT standing guard over the cans, you can draw a circle in the ground, around the cans, that IT has to stay out of.


Playing area with trees or building to hide behind.


Kick the can before being caught
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Submitted by: Lucy Grant, (Owner/director - Wet & Wild Adventure Camp (day))

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