Everyone sits in the circle and picks an animal, a motion and a noise for that animal.

One person "sends" the action to another person by making their own noise/motion, and then someone else's noise/motion.

That person, in turn, makes their noise/motion, and then another person's.

For example, in a game with a cat, a dog, and a monkey, the action might be as follows:

Cat - Dog
Dog - Cat
Cat - Monkey
Monkey - Dog
Dog - Cat
and so forth...

Cat, monkey, and dog are commonly used, but creativity is encouraged...the sillier, the better!

If someone makes a mistake (stumbles over their noise, does the wrong combination of noise and motion, or hesitates too long), they're out for that round. Last person still in is the winner.

**Non-competitive version: no one gets out (no matter how much they mess up)--the game continues until everyone gets bored. Animals will get crazier with time!


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