Divide your group in two teams.

Have each team stand in line behind a milk crate (or log, box, etc) facing each other, approximately 12' apart.

Set a 20' rope in between the crates.

Give one end of the rope to the first person on each team. Those people then stand up on their team's crate and hold the rope with one hand by the very end.

A referee then yells "Go" and the players begin to pull in the slack on the rope. DO NOT allow players to wrap the rope around their hands as it could lead to a rope burn or injury.

The object for each player is to be the last person standing on their crate or holding the rope during their round. This can be done by pulling their opponent off, giving slack in the line, or giving the "fake pull," etc. This is a game of strategy, not strength.

The person who either lets go of the rope, or steps down from the crate, immediately goes to the other team. The next people in line on each team start the next round.

The game is over when all players have been won onto one side.


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