Kingpin is a combination of Bombardment and Jailbreak. This activity works well with groups sized from 14 to 50+ kids. My campers ask to play this game EVERY DAY!!

Each team has 5 cones or bowling pins set up roughly 20-30 feet from a mid-line. On each side, there is also designated a jail for the other team, a 6' x 6' mat works well. Line up all balls, rubber-coated foam ball are best, on the mid-line.

Teams should line up behind their cones or pins. On "go," the teams rush the mid-line to gain control of the balls. After a countdown from 5, the players may start to throw the balls in an attempt to knock down the other team's cones or pins. The first team to knock down the other side's cones or pins is declared the winner. (Once a pin is knocked down, even by the team guarding it, it must remain down.) This is the FIRST way to win.

While attempting to knock down the cones or pins, players may also be knocked out by being hit with a ball OR having their thrown ball caught on the fly by the opposing team. When out, the player must cross to the other team's jail. While in jail, should any "jailed" player catch a ball thrown to them by their own team, everyone in the jail gets a free walk back to their side. If a team knocks out ALL the players on the opposite team, they win the match. This is the SECOND way to win the game.


Equipment needed: Rubber-coated foam balls, the more, the better; 6 to 10 Plastic cones or bowling pins 2 - Ropes or mats to indicate "jails."


Two Ways To Win: Knock down all the opposite team's cones or pins, - or - Knock all the opposing players out of the game.
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Submitted by: Amanda Parker-Sirois

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