The group stands in a circle and the leader closes his eyes and drops a ball on someone's shoe. That person becomes IT.

The IT could throw the soft ball (nerf) directly at any one at any time. If the person was hit on any part of the body except the closed fists, that person becomes part of IT's team.

The IT folks could pick up the ball with bare hands and then run with the ball or toss to each other in order to position to get more ITs. Players who had not been tagged with the ball can carry the ball between two closed fists and can also "bat" the ball around to any part of the field with a closed fisted hand.

Non-ITs sometimes displayed excellent form in keeping the ball away for the ITs by batting it to each other quite deftly. Touching the ball with an open hand put you on IT side. The game is played until there is only one Non-it remaining.
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