Have the kids pair up.

The partners split off to opposite sides of the playing area. One side forms a circle, then their partners stand behind them in an outer circle.

The inner circle rotates clockwise, and the outer circle rotates counterclockwise. The leader yells out either "knight", "horse", or "cavalier".

"Knight" means that one partner gets down on one knee and the other partner sits on his/her exposed knee. "Horse" means that one one partner gets down on all fours and the other partner sits on his/her back.
"Cavalier" means that one partner picks the other partner up in the style of a groom carrying the bride over the threshold.

When one of these positions is called out, the kids have to scramble to find their partners and assume said position. The last pair to do so is out, and so it goes until there is a winning team. It's fun to make the kids jump and spin while they are rotating in their circles to make it harder for them to keep track of their partners.


A group of kids.
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Submitted by: Sara Shelton

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