This is a tag game of everyone's it but it has a twist. You can only tag in one spot and can only use your pointer finger to tag.


To be able to have fun


You start by saying the the campers that they are all knights and they have protective armor all over their body except for one spot. The only spot that someone can tag them is the open palm of their non-dominate hand which will rest on the curve of their back. What's a knight without a sword. The sword of each knight shall be the pointer finger of their dominate hand. Everyone must spread out and this is best if it is played in a big area. On the count of three everyone will run around trying to tag the palm of other's players while trying to avoid being tagged by other players. Once a player is tagged they are out, whoever is the last one standing is the winner. You can also incorporate freeze tag into the game. When a player is tagged, they must stand still and someone who isn't out can tagged them back in, so the game can keep going.
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Submitted by: Jessica Mazur

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