The description seems a little complex but I promise it really isn't a difficult game and it's a lot of fun and laughter! Totally worth learning.

Everyone will stand in a circle with their arms positioned like wings. At the same time they will all start off together saying Kum-Cha over and over. As you say "kum" you flap your wings down and bend your knees and flap your wings and straighten your legs as you say cha. Start off slowly. (Each round will get steadily faster.)

After a couple of kumchas the designated starter will say "bunny bunny, bunny bunny." As they say this they take one hand and make a "duck hand." The will point their hand at their own mouth as they say "bunny bunny" and then point it to someone else on the next pair "bunny bunny." They will "quack" their hand each time they say bunny. (One pair of bunny bunny will be said in the same timing as one kumcha. So the two pair of bunny bunny will take two kumchas).

The person who receives the bunny then repeats. They say bunny bunny, bunny bunny. He says it to himself and then another person and that person then has the bunny.

The next step in the game is "tokey tokey." The person directly on the left and on the right of the person with the bunny has to say "tokey tokey, tokey tokey" at the same timing as "bunny bunny, bunny bunny" is said. They must turn and face the bunny as they say this with jazz hands/spirit fingers. One jazz hand will be up shoulder height and the other near their waist and on the second pair of tokey tokey they switch positions.

That's it! Everyone is bending/straightening their legs at all times no matter what they are doing. Whoever isn't a bunny or tokey keeps the "kumcha" chant going.

A person is out if they hesitate or do the wrong thing. The pace gets steadily quicker each round (always start off slow).

One advanced level is to walk in the circle while still doing everything. You take one step to for each kumcha.
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Submitted by: Alicia Doran

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