Everyone sits in a circle. All people play hold both thumbs up in front of them with thumbs pointing in the air. There are three levels to the game. Level 1 is the noise "Cheeche" or "Shh" (you can change the noise if you'd like), level 2 is the noise "Boom" and level 3 is "Kung pow chicken (when you say chicken you should kind of bawk/cluck like a chicken). Everyone starts on level 1. The first person to go can point either their right thumb to the right while saying the level 1 noise or point their left thumb to the left while saying the noise. The next player does the same. Anyone can pass it back if they'd like. If anyone moves their right thumb to the left, their left thumb to the right, or both thumbs simultaneously, they move up to the next noise and now must say Boom on their turn. If they do any of those things again, or forget to say Boom and say one of the other noises, then they move up to Kung Pow Chicken. After that you're out. Play continues until you get down to two people.
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Submitted by: Melissa Menefee

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