This game is a charades-based game where players act out occupations.

There are two sides (teams). It doesn't matter how many are on each side as long as teams are roughtly even. Mark a center line dividing the two teams and end zones, or “base” for each team to define the playing area.

Each side gets in a "huddle" at their "home base" to decide what occupation they will act out and which ever side is ready first begins.

That "team" yells loudly (while walking towards center line) "Where are you from?"
The other team answers (while walking forward), [insert place here] Ex. "China!"

The first team yells, "What's your trade?"
The second team answers, "Lemonade!"

The first team yells, "Show us some if you're not afraid!!"
The other team starts acting out its occupation (such as painters, auto mechanic, etc...)

When the other team guesses correctly, the "acting" team has to run back to its "home base" without any member being tagged by the other team.

If members of the acting team are caught before they reach their base, they join the other team for another round of acting.

The game is over when one side has captured all players.


something to mark the center line


get everyone on your team
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Submitted by: Amanda Trejo

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