Lincoln Ball

10-20 kids
A large of number of balls or throwable objects
Two larges containers (cardboard boxes)

Starts with two teams set on each side of a mid line with a number of balls placed in the middle of the field of play. Each team will pick a box person who be sent into enemy territory who will be surrounded by the opposing team. Once play starts, the team attempts to take the balls and other objects and throw them across the mid line to be caught by their box person. The opposing team is attempting to do the same while also blocking the incoming balls from entering the box. The opposing team can not bump or take balls out of the box but can swat down balls in mid flight. Once all balls have been caught in the box, they are counted and the team with the most balls wins.


Two large teams Large number of balls or throwable objects Two boxes or containers


To capture all of the balls in your team's box before the other team catches theirs.
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Submitted by: Shawn Reed

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