You need 4 tables, 4 boxes, 4 table cloths that cover to the floor and some stuffed animals; a lion, a tiger and a bear.

The leader of the skit says they need 3 volunteers. The first two volunteers do not know the skit, the last person is in on the punch line.

On the first table, you put the lion under the first box, on the second table, you put the tiger under the box and on the 3rd table, and you put the bear under the box. The 4th table has a person hiding under the box. This person under the box is not someone who knows about the skit. Get them to volunteer right before you go on. It is great to use a leader or other adult for this! Someone who likes a good laugh!

The first volunteer comes in and they are told that you are going to lift each box really fast and they have to say really loud what is under the box. Have someone with a stop watch or second hand time them. The other two volunteers are out of the room at this time and can not see what is happening. When the box is lifted off the 4th table, the person under yells "OH MY!" This will get a great reaction from the volunteers.

Do the same for the second volunteer.

When it is time for the 3rd volunteer, the one in on the skit, they come in with a pie tin full of whip cream! When they get to the 4th box, the person under the box cannot see what is about to happen. When the box is pulled off, the "volunteer" hits them with the pie and yells "OH PIE!"


4 tables; 4 boxes; 4 table cloths; lion, tiger and bear stuffed animals; pie tin & whip cream.
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Submitted by: Beth KATZMAN

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