Any number may play, perhaps 20 to 30 is good. Count off by twos. Ones line up to East, twos line up to West. Lines are about 25 to 30 feet apart, depending on age/size/ability of players. "Coach" places a "bacon" (soccer ball is preferred) in middle between lines. Coach then states something that MAY apply to anyone in the lines (teams). Players are "on their honor" to answer truthfully! If the statement applies to the player, they run out and try to bring the "bacon" back to their line. Score a point! . If soccer ball, then soccer rules (NO HANDS!!) apply. Coach must be sensitive to the background of the players, but be creative in his statements: "I had oatmeal for breakfast". "My dad has a mustache". "I am wearing red socks". "My shoes have no laces". "I went to the dentist last month". " I have flown in a helicopter". "There is a Girl Scout in my family". "I have a pet fish." " I like raw oysters". " I have visited New York". "My mom was NOT born in the USA." Yeah, not everyone comes out and some may not elicit anyone. Who knows, often, they forget about the score and who has what points. Coach collects the "bacon" after each turn and resets it for the next turn. For a new group, I can play about an hour, then I start to run out of ideas! Have Fun!!


Fair size field or gymnasium/room.


LISTEN carefully and honestly respond to the question/statement. Play fair! Start at the line!
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Submitted by: James Lehman

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