Make sure you have a large space (we play this as a warm up for our college soccer team. We had about 25 people)

Have campers pair up and spread way out. Choose one pair to stand in the middle while the rest of the pairs lay down on their stomachs, where they are. Then designate an "it" person from the pair in the middle. That "it" person has to start chasing the other from the pair. To not be it, the person being chased must lay down next to one of the pairs on the ground. (making three) the person on the farthest side from the chasee (who layed down) is now the chasee and must keep from being tagged. This goes on and on... If the "it" person tags the chasee, then they are it and the former it person is now being chased. Then repeat until they are passing out from exhaustion.

Ex Katie is chasing sarah (katie is it) and sarah lays next to: bob, bob was laying next to johnny.

(looks like: bob/johnny Then sarah- bob/johnny)

Since Johnny is on opposite side of bob from sarah, KAtie is now chasing Johnny. (johnny cannot lay down by the pair next to his and bobs. He must go at least two pairs down)

If Katie tags Johnny she must now run from Johhny and lay next to another pair. Johnny then tries to tag that person on the oppsite end of the pair.

Sounds confusing but as 18-24 year olds, on a college soccer team, we have a TON of fun. Ive also played this with campers 12-17 years old. Its exhausting!

(counselors should join in as well, or play this at staff training)

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Submitted by: Laura Neve, (PLYC - Phantom Lake YMCA camp)

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