1. Glue the eyes on the styrofoam ball (or paint them on)

2. Cut a small triangle from the black felt for a nose, glue on. (You may also use a bead for a nose)

3. Cut two small strips from the black felt for the eyebrows, glue on.

4. Cut a mouth (any shape you like) from the red felt and glue on.

5. Glue strips of yarn on the head of the face you have made for hair.

6. When you are sure that everything is glued on well and dry, stick the lollipop stick into the bottom of the head where the neck would be.


Small styrofoam balls (2-3" round); Small googly eyes (available at craft stores) or you can use beans, beads or just paint eyes and nose on.; Small scraps of felt (brown, black, red, blue); Small scraps of colorful yarn; lollipop sticks; glue.


make lollipops that wouldn’t leave a sugar high
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