1.To make a bracelet, you need two strands of hemp, one twice as long as the other. (The lengths will depend on the hemp's width, but a 60- and a 30-inch length should fit most kids' wrists.) Fold each strand in half. Hold the two midpoints together and tie a loop with them. Hang the loop over a nail or tape it to a board. You should now have four strands put the shorter two in the middle.

2.Lay the left outside strand over the middle two strands (it should look like the number four), then under the right outside strand.

3. Bring the outside right strand under the middle two strands and up through the loop of the four. Pull the ends of the outside strands tight. This is the basic knot. To continue, simply alternate the side from which you start the knot.

4. To add a bead, slip it onto the middle two strands, then tie the knot. When your bracelet is done, slip a four-holed button onto the four strands (one strand in each hole), then knot each strand end and snip off any extra hemp.


Hemp cord, scissors, tape, beads and buttons


Woven from sleek hemp twine, rather than jute, it looks earthy and cool. And, when strung with beads (either store-bought or made from seeds and shells), it also makes a perfect bracelet for a best pal.
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