The scene is a bridge where a very depressed reporter is about to jump off (the end of the stage or a platform could be the end of the bridge).

The reporter says that he has had it, he can't get a big story, he's all washed up and wants to end it all. He calls out, one, two, swinging his arms when another person shows up and asks what is going on.

He tells him his sad story which encourages the other person to tell him theirs (get creative with the depressing story).

They both get depressed and decide to jump. They call out, one, two, and another person shows up.

They each tell this person their sad story. The new person tells their sad story and they decide to jump to. Once more they call out One, ... Two, ... Three !

All the people jump except for the reporter who then runs off saying; "I've got a great story, two people jump off the bridge. Wait until the boss sees this."


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