One person volunteers or is chose to be the narrator, or director, of the game. Everyone else sits in a circle as townspeople.

The narrator tells the towns people to go to sleep and everyone closes their eyes. They then announce that one tap will stand for mafia and two taps will stand for angel. The narrator quietly walks around the circle and chooses two people for the jobs of mafia and angel, giving them the appropriate number of taps to let them know. The narrator then says out loud "Mafia Wake Up". The mafia opens their eyes. The narrator says "Choose someone to kill" and the mafia points at who they choose to kill. The narrator then tells the mafia to go back to sleep and the mafia closes their eyes. The narrator then says for the angel to wake up and to choose someone to save. The angel points at who they choose to save and then goes back to sleep. The narrator then tells the townspeople to all wake up. If they mafia and angel chose different people then the the narrator announces who the mafia chose somewhat like:
"It was a very very sad night, when 'lindsey' died"
some groups play it that the narrator gets to make up a funny, elaborate story on how the person died.
*If the mafia and angel choose the same person then the narrator announces that no one died.
When someone does die they get the chance t guess who killed them, if they guess correctly then the game is over and the mafia loses. If they guess wrong, then another round starts.

This game is a huge hit at my camp, we play almost everyday! The rules vary from group to group, so you can make it your own and have fun.
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Submitted by: Lea Williams

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