A rite of passage for any camper is learning how to make your own friendship bracelets!

We're working on our own Friendship Bracelet guide, including pictures and downloadable guide, but wanted thought we've gone long enough without having any info, so here are some great resources.

Knots for tying friendship bracelets from Friendship-Bracelets.net. Not only are there more than one knot (who knew?!), there are a few basic symbols to learn to follow more complicated patterns.

Patterns. Wow! Literally thousands of Friendship Bracelet Patterns to choose from with any number of strings. Check them out - Bracelets.net or Braceletbook.com.

Make Friendship Bracelets with your camp name in them. Now is that cool or what?!

Design your own patternThe generator on the site above is pretty slick, but learning to do it by hand seems like a perfect camp skill.

The End. Hmmm... we would just tie a knot and call it a day, but there are actually really nice tidy ways to end your bracelet and create a great finished product from Bracelet Book.com

Be sure to watch the great video below!


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