Two people go out (It could be one person, but when two people go out, it's more fun for them. No one is on the spot.)

In the meanwhile, everyone else is deciding on a "fun" adverb - one they could all act out, and have fun with. Slowly is a good one. Nervously even better. When ready, the guessers are invited back in. They instruct any individual or group of individuals to do things in the manner of the adverb (hence, the name of the game).

For example: John, comb your hair in the manner of the adverb. Or, Tara, dance with Tim in the manner of the adverb. Or even, Frank, brush your teeth in the opposite manner of the adverb. I like to let people make as many guesses as they want. I even encourage the guessees, when things look bad for the guessers, to offer their own clues.
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