Everyone sits in a circle so that each person has a clear view of each other. Each person places their small plastic bowl in front of them on the floor. Each person is given 2 or 3 marshmallows in their bowl. The object is to aim and throw marshmallows into someone else’s bowl.

A time limit can be given. For example, You have 10 seconds to have an empty bowl.

Variations of this game:
One person may call out questions such as “Whoever has brown hair throws their marshmallow to the bowl of the person on their left,” or “Everyone throw a marshmallow into the bowl of the person who has blond hair.”


Enough marshmallows for each person to have 4/5 each. A large round bowl One small plastic bowl for each individual


This fun activity promotes cognitive skills through memory recall, ROM(range of motion) through physical upper extremity movement, hand eye coordination through targeting , socialization through verbal & non verbal communication, and independence.
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Submitted by: Shannon Rea

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