This is a great game for all ages! You can play this game inside and outside. It's always fun to play!
Each player starts out with a "loop" of tape on their nose. The players try to get their opponent's piece of tape off of their nose by swiping. Hands must be behind the back when jousting. On the count of 3, the players joust! The player that loses their tape in the duel follows the player who won and cheers them on. The winner competes with another player. If a player's wad of tape falls off of their nose, this player is considered to have lost in a duel also. This continues until there is a final winner amongst the group.


A roll of masking tape (preferred) or any other kind of tape can work too


To be the player with the most pieces of tape on their nose at the end
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Submitted by: Richelle Chuda

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