You need a kickball for every player on the team who is "up," 3 or more barrels/buckets, and bases.

The teams will be divided into two groups.

This is similar to kickball except the only difference is that each player on the kicking team each have a ball to kick.

All the players kick at the same time. Instead of pitching, players line the balls up near home plate and run and kick the balls.

All players run the bases, and the team in the outfield tries to put the balls into one of the three barrels. Each person who runs the bases and crosses home plate before all the balls are collected scores a point. Once all of the balls are deposited into the barrels, it is considered an "out." Players can also be thrown out.

Just like regular kickball after 3 outs the teams switch.


Balls, bases, barrels or cans.


The objective of the game is to learn how to work as a team and outscore the opponent.
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Submitted by: Tim Bridgwaters

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