Players are taken on a short hike during which time each person collects something from the natural environment (nothing may be broken or picked from any living thing. The item has to be either lying on the ground or resting on another object (e.g. stump or log). Everyone keeps his object hidden from all other players.

Following the hike, each person is given the opportunity to build a small home for his 'friend'. He is also asked to give his friend a name, and to think of one way in which he could take care of his friend, if it was still out in its natural environment.

When all in the group is ready, everyone tours the small homes that have been created, and meets each special friend. E.g. "This is my friend Twiggy. He is a small branch that I found lying on the ground. I've built him a house from soft leaves and moss that I found on the ground. If he was still on a tree, I could take care of him by protecting him from the wind. I could build a fence so the wind wouldn't snap him off from his tree. I could also make sure he doesn't catch diseases -I could check for termites and insects that might harm him." The friends that are made are refreshing to everyone.


Discover a friend in nature, without harming any living thing that might be found in the out-of-doors
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