1. Use the craft knife to cut off the top of the jug, leaving the handle intact (a parent's job to use scissors to cut apart the alligator's jaws, snipping down from the top of one side, around the bottom, and up the other side of the jug.)

2.Snip jagged teeth along the cut edge. Glue on nostrils made from two semicircles of leftover plastic. Paint the mask with green acrylic paint.

3.To make each eye, cut a hole in green felt large enough for the cap to poke through, then wrap the felt around the plastic base and glue it down; glue on both eyes.

4. Punch a hole in the inside corner of each jaw and use the ties to join top to bottom.


1 one-gallon plastic jug and the top of a second, with caps, Craft knife, Scissors, Craft glue, Red, green, and white acrylic paints, paintbrushes, Green felt, Hole punch, 2 twist ties


fun masks for everyone
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