1. Print the template below on the cardboard stock. Make sure you print on the 'bad' or 'ugly' side of the cardboard so the template will result in the inside of the truck.

2. Score along the fold lines (dotted lines) for easier folding and cut out the truck shape.

3. Using a craft knife (Kids, get an adult's help!) cut out the lines indicated in red on the "back" and "base" panels.

4. Fold along the fold lines and pop out the wheels off the "base" panel by folding the "side" and "base" panels up (see Fig. 1).

5. Glue the "base" panel to the other "side" panel by applying glue to the strip of the "base" panel (see Fig.2).

6. Stand the truck up and glue down the "front" panel to the glue strips of the "side" panels (see Fig. 3).

7. You can now place a gift inside the truck and close the back doors by sliding the semi-circle into the straight-line cut on the "back" panels. (The truck opens and closes just like a real truck!)

8. Using color crayons or paints, decorate your Truck Box by adding windows, door handles, lights, license plate and tires. (You can also paint the name of the recipient on the truck or license plate if using as a gift box!).


- A4 or Letter sized cardboard (color of your choice) - Glue - Scissors and craft knife - Cutting mat - Crayons or Paints


Simple and easy craft template to create a fun gift box or a cool toy.
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