Create boundaries for a playing area. Make it big enough for the group to have enough space to run around safely. Choose a ball that is heavy enough to be thrown but not so heavy that it could be painful to the players. Gator balls work very well.


The game begins with one Monarch. This person starts with the ball and is technically the "It". As the only Monarch, this person can run with the ball and try to hit another player with it. As soon as another player has been hit with the ball they become a Monarch as well and game play changes slightly. With more than one Monarch whoever is holding the ball can NO LONGER MOVE WITH IT. All the other Monarchs can move without the ball but the person with the ball must stand still. The ball can be passed from Monarch to Monarch in an attempt hit other players with it creating more Monarchs. Play the game until there is one person left.

Check- In

Occasionally, it will be necessary to find out who the Monarchs are and who they are not. The leader of the game will call out "Monarchs show yourselves!" At this point, the game is paused and everyone who is a Monarch must crouch down and touch the ground. The game continues when the leader says "Monarchs go get them."


Soft ball that can be thrown. Flat area free of obstacles.


Work as a team to create monarchs.


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