Monday Comics is an activity that requires creative thinking, a sense of humor, and has endless possibilities.

Split campers into groups of 4 or 5 giving each camper a pen or pencil and several pieces of scrap paper.

Each camper will then draw 2 funny pictures on separate pieces of scrap paper (the picture can contain no words). Campers must not show any other campers their pictures! Once the pictures are complete they are folded up and placed in a pile.

Each camper will then write 2 funny captions on separate pieces of scrap paper. These captions can be anything and do not have to do with the pictures they drew. Examples might be "That's so Raven" "Will you Marry Me?" "Gone to Lunch" etc...

Once they have finished their captions they must fold them up and put them in a separate pile.

...This is where the game gets interesting....

One at a time campers will pull a random picture from the picture pile and show it to the group, then that camper will pull a random caption from the caption pile and read it to the group. The idea is for the group to pretend it's a real comic and try to make sense of it. When you hear groups laughing you know they've got the hang of it.

Campers take turns pulling pictures and captions until they are all used up. That's the game!

*The Game is Called "Monday Comics" because these are the comics that didn't quite make the Sunday Comics!*

by Zachary Mazza
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