I know a Mormon boy
He is my pride and joy
He knows most everything from Alma on down
Someday I'll be his wife
We'll have eternal life
Oh, how I love that Mormon boy

I am a Mormon girl
I wear my hair in curls
I wear my skirts way down to my knees
I wear my daddy's shirt
I am the biggest flirt
Oh, how I love that Mormon boy

More men, more men, sing it again!

(This song has actions--standing in a line, slap own knees twice, then shift hands to the right and slap own right knee with left hand and neighbor's left knee with right had twice. Back to own knees twice, the shift to left for two. Next slap own knees once, shift right for one, center for one, and left for one. Then slap own knees once, then cross hands and slap own knees once, back to regular on own knees once, then raise hands to front.)
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Submitted by: Suzy Stein

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