This activity is best when when campers or bunks know each other.

Before the activity begins prepare tiny slips of paper with funny superlatives written on them, such as "most likely to trip walking down their wedding aisle" or "most likely to sleepwalk into a tree." Make enough so everyone in the group has a few superlatives papers.

To start the activity, put everyone's name on an envelope and post them on the wall. Players then put their superlative slips into the envelope of the person that they think this is "most likely" - the person who best fits the superlative.

Once the superlatives are distributed, everyone sits in a circle and, one by one, reads one of their "most likely's" in their envelope. Continue around the circle until everyone has finished their envelope.

It's fun for everyone to see what impression they gave off that summer....


Envelope withe each person name on papers with most likely scenarios
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Submitted by: Dee Kohn

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