Get all kids to form a circle, and then get them to take two steps backward. Next, they sit down. Once seated, a counsellor goes in the middle, and starts kicking the ball. The goal of the game is to successfully kick the ball between two people. Note: the participants must stay seated, and are only able to use their arms to block the ball from getting through. Once the ball goes between two people, they must go to the center of the cirlce and do a silly skit for about 1 minute. This skit is at the discretion of the counsellors/ rest of group. Some examples of skits we have done in the past are: chicken dance, pretend fashion runway show, kids pretend to be a cat etc. This is the fun part of the game, because everyone gets really creative with it, and the kids all seem to love acting out a little skit. Once they finish their skit, they sit down, and the leader continues to kick the ball around the circle.


Whoever is kicking the ball should have decent aim so they are not going to kick the ball at the kids by accident.
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Submitted by: Angela Slaney

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